About Us

  • What We Do

    iSitePhotos provides a new angle on construction photographic documentation. We offer comprehensive progressive and milestone photographic services and index the location of each photo to the architectural drawings. These drawings are presented on our website where our clients can log in to view their documentation by selecting points on their drawings that represent the location of a photograph.

    Our Beginnings

    iSitePhotos was founded in 2011 by Joel Eden Photography, Inc., a construction and architectural photography firm since 1989, after receiving numerous customer requests for AutoCAD-indexed photos.

    iSitePhotos was quickly rewarded with commercial and government contracts from owners, developers, and general contractors. Today, iSitePhotos serves clients all across the United States.

    Our Structure

    iSitePhotos has a network of established commercial photographers who are already servicing the industry in your area.

    We are where you are. iSite can provide service almost anywhere in the United States.

    This structure allows us to service almost anywhere in the United States. Our photographers are insured, OSHA certified and responsible. And, because we work with real pros, you benefit by receiving quality imagery suitable for detailed inspection.

    Our Technology

    Our online application displays your architectural drawings with hotspots indicating the location and direction of each photograph. The drawings are categorized by service so that it’s efficient and intuitive to locate the documentation you need. To simplify and enhance its use, our system also offers the ability to:

    • Sort your hotspots by date, location, and type of hotspot (downward, forward, upward facing and video, etc.)
    • Zoom into plans and images using on-screen controls or a mouse wheel, create notes in reference to projects, plans, and images
    • Share photographs with colleagues
    • Add your own photographs

    …and more.

    We even offer immersive, spherical virtual tours of your project that enable you to walk through your project as though you were there in person.

    Your whole project documentation will be delivered on two Permanent Record Hard Drives which contain all photos, videos, notes, and documents.

    In addition, our offline version or “Permanent Record”, has dramatically improved giving you fast access to plans and photos.

    Our technology experience is key because it’s how our customers see their projects and how they see us. We will continue to seek how to improve and bring you a better product.

    Our Vision

    iSitePhotos is quickly becoming a national leader in the photo-documentation industry. As a commercial photography firm since 1989, we have a longstanding customer-centered reputation and seek to bring our clients the best value for the dollar. In addition, all of our photographers are already in business serving a client base and have a vested interest in customer satisfaction. Our structure makes it easy for us to serve your area since we are not requiring franchising fees. This allows us to grow into small markets as well as large markets very quickly. Coupled with our expanding technology, we expect continued growth and customer satisfaction for years to come.

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