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    Photographic Construction Documentation Overview

    Few industries have as much financial risk exposure as the construction industry. The adage “time is money” must have been written by a project manager. With the advent of the Internet, digital photography and now iSitePhotos Construction Documentation, the risk of losing both time and money has been substantially reduced.

    There are so many reasons to photographically document your construction project. From risk management to client collaboration, from reduced travel expenses to improved communications with sub-contractors, the benefits outweigh the cost on every project. Consider the cost of a single delay due to a dispute with the city or municipality. The cost could go into the tens of thousands of dollars. Now consider having photographic documentation of your case instantly, online, for all parties to see. Multiply this by the size and scope of your project and it becomes obvious that the return on investment is significant.

    Our Internet based system allows us to display your plans online with index points for each photograph. Shooting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we will upload the photos to your construction project and index them to the points on the plans. We shoot thousands of photographs from the pre-construction stage all the way through to completion. Using our system as designed will greatly reduce dispute issues and vastly improve communications. Now you can manage risk, instead of being it’s target.

    Imagine…with iSite, you can peer into the walls, with drywall installed weeks prior, verifying that what is supposed to be there, is there. Put an end to destructive investigation, loss of production and endless disputes. Using date and time stamped images, iSite is unbiased and impartial, so you’ll know what you see is true and unfiltered.

    We offer a multitude of services including Pre Construction Photographic Survey, Utility Photographic Survey, Pre-Slab Utility Detail,  As-Built Sequence, 360 Degree Exterior Sequence, Interior Wall Sequence and MEP Photographic Detail.

    What’s more, we supply a “Permanent Record” of the entire construction photo library, stored on an external flash drive, with the software to run the program. No more looking through thousands of photos stored in a drawer someplace. No project is too large or too small to reap the benefits of iSite. Whether it’s apartments or condos, office towers to medical, hotels to restaurants, the advantages are all the same.

    From building owners and lenders, risk managers to insurance firms, to architects, engineers, GC’s and sub-contractors, to state & local governments, all will benefit by using our third-party documentation system. To request more information or see a demo of iSite, please call us at 888-644-6829.


    iSite™ Pre-Existing Conditions
    • Documentation of entire site including adjacent streets/structures
    • Each image indexed to site plan
    • Serves as an excellent record of site prior to breaking ground
    • Extensive record of preexisting conditions with dated photographs
    iSite™ Site Conditions Progression
    • Documents broad elevation views including current site conditions
    • Documents equipment & crews, materials and weather conditions on site
    • Images dated and indexed to architectural site plan
    iSite™ Exterior Envelope Progression
    • Documents Exterior Wall Assembly
    • Shot From Consistent GPS Locations
    • Includes Overlapping Views, 360 Degrees Around the Structure
    iSite™ Interior Wall and Plenum Progression
    • Beginning when framing is complete through final inspection
    • Overlapping detail views of each wall
    • Walk the project through our website as if you were there in person
    • Fewer trips to the site
    • Updated weekly, biweekly, or monthly
    iSite™ Interior Wall and Plenum MEP
    • Documenting the MEP post inspection and right before dry walling
    • Remove guesswork of what is behind a wall
    • Eliminates destructive investigation
    • Can save thousands of dollars and loss of productivity
    iSite™ In-Slab MEP/Post-Tension
    • Documenting the in-slab MEP post inspection and right before pouring concrete
    • Remove guesswork of what is in the slab
    • Eliminates destructive investigation
    • Can save thousands of dollars and loss of productivity
    iSite™ Detailed Exterior As-Built
    • High Detail Shoot of Exterior Elements Such as EIFS
    • Essential Record of Waterproofing
    • Protects Against Future Destructive Investigations
    iSite™ In-Ground Utilities As-Built
    • Captures the laid piping in ditches at connection points between pipes and when entering the structure before coverup.
    • Simplifies Future Maintenance
    • Live Webcam View of Your Project
    • Live Stills or Video
    • Stationary or Point-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
    • Keeps you Up-to-Date in Real-time and Increases Security
    • Spherical, Immersive Panoramic Tours of your Project
    • Walk your Project Using your Mouse
    • Zoom and Adjust your Point-of-View 360 by 180 Degrees
    • The Closest you get to Being There in Person
    • Aerial Views of your Site and Structure
    • Angled or Vertical Shots
    • Photos and Videos
    • Get a Comprehensive and Broad View not Achievable from the Ground.


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