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We’re very committed to keeping things simple and straightforward. So, we’ve applied that concept to determining what services are right for you. Below, we have three packages to provide you with just the right level of documentation you need for your project.


Need to keep it simple? Get the Basics package and keep it simple.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Site Conditions Progression (Monthly)
  • Interior Wall and Plenum Progression (Monthly)
  • Interior Wall and Plenum MEP As-Built


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Our Standard package includes everything most projects will need.


  • Exterior Site Conditions Progression (Every Other Week)
  • Exterior Envelope Progression (Every Other Week)
  • Interior Wall and Plenum Progression (Monthly)


  • Pre-Existing Conditions Shoot
  • Pre-Slab & Post-Tension As-Built
  • Wall and Plenum MEP As-Built

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Our Comprehensive package includes the entirety of our documentation services, as well as a live HD video PTZ webcam, and captures your project at the highest level of detail we can provide.


  • Exterior Envelope Progression (Weekly)
  • Interior Wall and Plenum Progression (Weekly)
  • Exterior Site Conditions Progression (Weekly)
  • iSiteAir Site Conditions Progression (Weekly)


  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Pre-Slab/Post-Tension As-Built
  • Wall & Plenum MEP As-Built
  • EIFS As-Built
  • In-Ground Utilities As-Built
  • iSiteTour

iSiteLive Webcam

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