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Photo Documentation

To us, our service is useless if the documentation we provide is incomplete. Nobody gets to plan the failures or problems during the project, so it’s impossible to document only the “necessary” locations. We’re committed to high-quality systems that allow us to entirely record whatever space we’re responsible for capturing. For example, not every room can be captured in detail with the same number of shots, so we train our photographers with shooting techniques that scale up or down to provide comprehensive coverage in every room.

While documenting at any point during the construction is good, documenting at regular intervals is ideal. You never know when a problem is going to arise. By repetitively documenting throughout the life of the project, the various construction trades are captured and issues are memorialized. Also, it gives you the ability to stay on top of your project and keep yourself up to date. Our progress photography services include documentation of site conditions, the exterior envelope, and interior walls & plenums. And, we can customize the frequency depending on your project and needs.

Our software allows for quick access to the photographs you need when you need them. Our photographs can be found simply by viewing the architectural drawings online, then selecting the point you want to see. This allows for a very simple, efficient, and intuitive experience.

Our software allows users to view any set of photographs as a slideshow, with just a few clicks. The set can be defined by location or by date. For example, to create a slideshow of a given location throughout the life of the project, select the location you want. If you would like to see all the photos taken on a given day, just choose a date. Then, start the show.

Shooting high-quality, inspection grade photography is an art. It’s not as simple as it may sound to grab a camera and come back with images that are consistently clear and visible, especially in the unfavorable photographic conditions present on a construction site. Some of these conditions can include complete darkness, backlit scenes, and highly reflective surfaces. Images that are blurry or incorrectly exposed will render the documentation useless. Therefore, we only use OSHA tested, professional photographers that are competent at producing high-quality, inspection grade images for your documentation.

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