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Each of these progressions focus on a specific aspect of your project and are offered in weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals.

Site Conditions
To represent the general situation on site, we photographically document all around the structure and between the structure and the construction boundary. At each location, we photograph towards each of the four compass points to give you complete awareness of your site.

Exterior Envelope
This service documents the assembly process of the structure’s envelope. We capture all around the project and overlap our images for maximum coverage.

Interior Wall and Plenum
We document every wall and plenum in your project, carefully notating our position to your architectural drawings. We shoot, at a minimum, from each corner of the room (except for some confined spaces).

iSiteAir Site Conditions Progression
The aerial site conditions progression is an elevated version of the site conditions progression. We shoot from several hundred feet in the air between your structure and the construction boundary at intervals between fifty and several hundred feet, depending on the site. Then, at every point, we shoot towards each of the four points of the compass.

Pre-existing Conditions
We document the current conditions of your site around the perimeter at intervals of 30-100 feet depending on the site, and shoot between two and four directions per point depending on the location.

Detailed Exterior As-built
These shoots are designed to provide high-detail documentation of EIFS systems and detailed architectural or aesthetic elements such as window flashing/systems or skilled steel craftwork. At the stage requested by the client, we shoot close up photos of the entire skin as well as close, angled photos of all window and door openings.

In-Ground Utilities As-built
This service documents laid piping in ditches at connection points between pipes and when entering the structure before coverup.

Pre-slab/Post-tension As-built
These shoots are designed to capture piping, rebar, and/post-tensioning in the slab before the concrete is poured. We shoot with a high-density grid of one point per 15 feet in every direction, each point containing four photos, one for each direction.

Wall and Plenum MEP As-built
These shoots focus on the MEP in the walls and plenum of each room. As opposed to the general, broad photos used in the Interior Wall and Plenum Progressions, this shoot gets close up photographs of all the MEP for high detail.

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