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Protection, Preservation, and Promotion

Costs happen. We keep them falling in the right place.
Photo documentation provides the necessary evidence and information to bring accountability to any member of the construction effort. This way, everyone’s protected, and everyone is held responsible.

Pictures never lie.
In a lawsuit, our high-quality images, comprehensive coverage, and unbiased position provide you with the evidence to clear your name in relationship to your work and receive a favorable judgment if another member of the construction effort is at fault.

Neighbors are great. Most of the time.
Photographic documentation helps to prevent opportunists such as municipalities and adjacent buildings/properties from taking advantage of probable cause in relation to your project to repair preexisting damage to roads, structures, or other present features.

Discretionary Preparation
Every building will need maintenance and renovations in the future. A high quality, offline photographic as-built of the project will reduce time and money costs, explain unknowns, and expedite the process by displaying what’s behind every wall, in every slab, and every ditch with only a few clicks of a mouse.

You can’t know the future. But you should know the past.
Destructive investigations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Our photographs, with our software behind them, provide you an invaluable tool: a clear, detailed view within the walls, ceilings, slabs, and trenches of your project without so much as touching them.

Mistakes are painful. Don’t repeat them.
Photographic documentation provides you with a complete and intuitive record of the successes and mistakes in a project for future reference. Never make the same mistake twice.

Quality is crucial. We’re with you.

Keeping tabs. Controlling quality.
The more you look, the more likely you’ll be to find. Photographic documentation provides an extraordinary tool to keep an eye on your project and thereby maintain a higher level of quality control.

Your investment. Built to last.
The higher the quality, the longer a structure will last after commissioning. Photographic documentation with iSitePhotos allows for exceptional quality control and therefore a superior ROI.

Address non-conformance now. Not later.
Regardless of the responsible party, it’s in everyone’s best interests to catch and fix nonconforming conditions immediately; before the cost skyrockets and the delay time increases.


Write less. Say more.

Documents on demand.
Since iSitePhotos’ software allows you to upload documents of any kind, you can share files with all the members of your team in one consolidated location along with your photographic documentation.

Project meetings. Now with clarity.
Imagine you could sit in an OAC meeting (or otherwise) and simultaneously see your entire project…without moving a step. Stop imagining. This convenient tool will make meetings more time efficient and will increase clarity since team members can directly reference the actual project.

See it live.
iSiteLive cameras give your meetings an even more powerful tool: Not only can you see your entire project, but you can also see it live. This will provide your team the next best thing to being there in person, saving you time. Also, no matter where you or a team member is located, you can see the project exactly as it is, improving quality control and project management, and clarifying communications.


Catch it now. Or never.

Increased familiarity with your project will allow you to realize and address problems that might otherwise go unnoticed, thereby decreasing the risk of loss due to the Statute of Repose.

Stay on Track.
All-the-time access to views of your project will improve critical path monitoring, thereby increasing your project’s efficiency and productivity.

Trust. But verify.
We assist in pay applications and draw oversight by allowing you to check the status of work to be completed from your desk. By requiring no travel or on-site presence, this will simplify the process, reduce your team’s workload, and provide for immediate explanation and resolution in related disputes.

Our services provide you with a broad range of options from progressions, to live cameras, to elegant architectural photography, each of which holds benefits that reach far beyond the project of concern. Photographic documentation provides an excellent marketing and promotion tool by giving your clients a compelling presentation of your work from interior/exterior timelapse slideshows, live views of current projects, or beautiful architectural photographs. Excellence –– You know it when you see it.

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