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Benefits for Architects

iSitePhoto’s photographic documentation will provide you with a third party as-built record of your project for use as legal evidence to demonstrate construction failure amid design defect litigation. Moreover, conclusive, pictorial evidence provides an opportunity to settle disputes before pursuing litigation, which significantly reduces time expense and legal fees.

Anytime, anywhere access to your documentation creates an excellent remote management solution which will allow you to keep a better eye on your project, improving general conscientiousness and give you a chance to catch nonconforming conditions before the completion of the project.

Online access to comprehensive photographic documentation can significantly improve the clarity and efficiency of your team’s communication. You will be able to make any necessary documents readily available to the team, and reference the project documentation during OAC meetings or when responding to RFIs. Our iSiteLive cameras are particularly useful in meetings, providing real-time information for prompt, well-informed decisions.

Your previous projects are your most valuable salesmen. Showcase them to demonstrate your creativity and expertise with time-lapse progressions from iSitePhotos and final photography from our architectural photography firm, Joel Eden Photography.

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