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Benefits for Investors

In every project, there is an element of fiduciary responsibility between the investor and the owner, and unfortunately, not every everyone keeps their side of the deal. Dispute resolution is a fundamental component to protecting yourself, and photographic documentation is a valuable tool in this regard. By providing documentation on a regular basis that is easy to find and available to you all the time wherever you are, you have the information to determine who is responsible for a given situation and the evidence to prove it with unbiased documentation in court, or, hopefully, before litigation becomes necessary. Our documentation will help you avoid what was unavoidable and clarify the ambiguous for a more profitable investment.

iSitePhotos’ documentation can significantly increase the quality of work on a project by allowing you to notice and address non-conforming conditions before completion, and by improving general conscientiousness on the site. Our goal is to make it possible to maximize the quality control during your project’s construction to prolong your project’s life after turnover.

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