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Benefits for Sub-Contractors

In every project, there is an element of fiduciary responsibility between the subcontractor and the GC, and unfortunately, not everyone keeps their side of the deal. Dispute resolution is a key component to protecting yourself, and photographic documentation is a valuable tool in this regard. By providing photographic documentation on a regular basis that is easy to locate and available wherever you are, you have the information to determine who is responsible for a given situation and the evidence to prove it with unbiased documentation before litigation becomes necessary. Moreover, accusations go both ways and iSitePhotos is just as relevant to your defense against costly lawsuits and disagreements involving opportunistic GC’s and municipalities looking to take advantage of your company. Our documentation will help you avoid what was unavoidable and clarify the ambiguous for lower costs and increased profits.

Your previous projects are your most valuable salesmen. Showcase them to demonstrate your quality, creativity, and expertise with time-lapse progressions from iSitePhotos and final photography from commercial photography firm, Joel Eden Photography.

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