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Benefits for Owners, Developers, and Governments

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Owners carry a significant portion of the risk involved with a construction effort. Dispute resolution is a fundamental component to protecting yourself and photographic documentation is a valuable tool in this regard. By providing documentation at regular intervals that is easy to locate and available to you 24/7, you’ll have the information to determine who is responsible for a given situation and the evidence to prove it with unbiased documentation in court. Ideally, it will assist in mediation before litigation becomes necessary. Moreover, accusations go both ways and iSitePhotos is just as relevant to your defense against costly lawsuits and disagreements involving opportunistic general contractors and municipalities looking to take advantage of your investment, or in the case of a government project, the taxpayers. Either way, our documentation will help you avoid what was unavoidable and clarify the ambiguous for lower overall costs and increased profits.

Depending on your relationship to the project, you may be responsible for overseeing your project’s future maintenance needs and renovation projects. Our simple to locate, inspection grade photography of the building’s in-wall, in-plenum, in-slab, and in-ground MEP systems is an exceptional and outstanding tool to make normal maintenance and renovation projects far more efficient, cost-effective, and expeditious.

Providing an alternative to destructive investigations is another significant way iSitePhotos can cut costs and increase your profit margins. By removing the guesswork involved with mistakes/errors already covered up in walls, plenums, slabs, and ditches, you have the opportunity to pay only for what needs fixing, not what may. In other words, the cost of investigation goes from tens of thousands of dollars to near zero.

No matter where, no matter when. Remote access to a complete, continually updated as-built record of your project will enhance your project’s management by allowing you to stay up to date at a far more intimate level than previously possible. Moreover, you and your team will be able to improve quality control by enabling more people to view the project more often, and you will be able to communicate with heightened clarity and specificity by sending images of the project along with your messages. These are just a few notable examples of the many manners in which iSitePhotos can help your project run smoothly and efficiently, saving your company ample time and money and bolstering your bottom line.

SitePhotos offers high quality professional architectural photography to provide you with compelling imagery of your project for marketing purposes. Our goal is to make your endeavor a success both during and after construction, and we believe beautiful and elegant images of your facility are essential to motivating your prospective customers to action. To view our portfolio, visit joeledenphoto.com/portfolios/.

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