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About Us


iSitePhotos offers a new angle on construction photographic documentation. We provide comprehensive progress and milestone photography with images indexed to the client’s architectural drawings via our online application. Clients can view their documentation by selecting points on the drawings that represent the locations where photographs where taken. When documenting at regular intervals, we create a time-lapse view from each location, allowing our clients to see how their project is progressing. This online system offers a more intuitive way of locating an image over a standard folder system and allows for far greater utility of the documentation.


iSitePhotos was founded in 2011 by Joel Eden Photography, Inc., a construction and architectural photography firm since 1989, after receiving numerous customer requests for AutoCAD-indexed photos.

We were quickly rewarded with commercial and government contracts from owners, developers, and general contractors. Today, iSitePhotos serves clients all across the United States.

iSitePhotos has developed a network of established professional photographers who are already servicing the industry in your area. This structure allows us to service clients almost anywhere in the United States. Our photographers are insured, OSHA certified and responsible. And, because we work with real professionals, you benefit by receiving quality imagery suitable for detailed inspection.

iSitePhotos – Comprehensive Documentation. Priceless Protection.

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